2011 Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade da Lisboa-Lisbon 2007-2013 Hungarian University of Fine Arts, M.A. Degree in Painting - Budapest 2018 'Ritual Trail to Self - with Patrícia Jagicza, Stúdió Gallery, Budapest (HU) 2017 ’Long Ocean’, Art9 Gallery, Budapest (HU) 2016 ’White Noise’, Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HU) ’System Error Paradise’, Fészek Gallery, Budapest (HU) Horváth Endre Galéria, Balassagyarmat (HU) 2018 Day of Painting, Kepes Institute, Eger (HU) Dreams come from the past, not from the future, Löwenpalais, Berlin (DE) Human Project, Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HU) 2017 Real Hungary, Collegium Hungaricum, Vienna, Austria (A) Derkó 2017, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU) 2016 Hope chest, Austrian Cultural Forum, Budapest (HU) Gardens and workshops – The twenty years of the Alesd art colony, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU) AIR – Artist in Residence, Krinzinger Projekte, Vienna, Austria (A) 2015 The Other Art Fair, Victoria House, London (GB) Derkó2015, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU) ’Unsettled female issues’, ICA-D, Dunaújváros (HU) 2014 ’Recently’, Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HU) The shadow of white, Viltin Gallery, Budapest (HU) derkó.pécsi, Kunsthalle, Budapest (HU) 2013 Esterházy Award-Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (HU) Day of Hungarian Painting, REÖK Palace, Szeged (HU) Best of Diploma Exhibition, Barcsay Hall, Budapest (HU) 2018 
Rudnay Gyula Scholarship 2017 
Derkovits Gyula Scholarship 2016 
Derkovits Gyula Scholarship 2014 
UniCredit small grant Derkovits Gyula Scholarship 2013 
Esterházy Kunstpreis sponsored by UNIQA Gruber Béla Award UniCredit Scholarship, 3rd place 2018
Pienkow Art Residency, Chelm (PL) 2015 
Krinzinger Residency, Petőmihályfa (HU) Élesd Art Colony /since 2013 The Studio of Young Artists Association /since 2011