m e t a p h y s i c a l m a r r i a g e of s t i l l l i f e & l a n d s c a p e In these works, I try to juxtapose the two ’farthest’ genre of traditional oil painting: the still life and the landscape. The one closest and the one farthest to the eye. It is one of my alternative suggestions to express the reflection of micro and macrocosm in each other. For the ’representatives’ of the landscape I have chosen mostly invisible elements from nature, such as the wind, and the colors and light of the sky. The atoms floating in the air, on a subatomic level, are composed of the same atoms as a porcelain vase is composed of. The work titled Vertical and horizontal axes of water is an example of my inner landscapes; the lower part of the picture is basically a cross sectional view of the deep ocean, which stands as a metaphor to the ocean of chaotic emotions playing freely in the heart and causing a lot of trouble for the mind. I like to think and imagine the cross sectional view of things - it is like being a doctor, and cutting them up and look at their hidden inner nature beneath the surface