m y t h o l o g y & p a r a p h r a s e s The practice of copying works of my favorite masters - mainly Velázquez and Titian - comes from my student years, when it was a means of practicing the craft. Soon loosing my interest in copying, I started to imagine the mental and emotive processes of the figures. Looking at their facial expressions, I visualized variations for their possible emotions, and imagined alternative stories about their inner lives (Accelerating heartbeat when she remembers how love fades; In memoriam of a duellist, 1864; Untitled (homage to Velázquez). I tried to outline the essence of their character (When Apollo found the Golden Ratio; The barber of Innocent X), or to depict their situation from a different angle, or from an other point of view (’Dum’; Eternal rotation of three ages ) There are pieces where I deliberately used an art historical fragments in order to verbalize a thought of which inspiration does not come from the original work (Things with identical nature) or works where I mix elements of my own life - by means of a portrait of a friend or self portrait - with elements of mythology (Diana’s bolt is _______.; Resentful Ἄτλας). I basically regard these works as parts of my art - historical 'wunderkammer'.